Move me or Take me.

HP Bugsy is a project that started during the pandemic. I was looking for a way to connect with others in my neighborhood (Highland Park or “HP”) in a way that was safe and would hopefully make their day just a little better.

I decided to create damage-less graffiti in the form of 3D printed art. Each bug is 3D printed, sometimes hand painted, and inset with magnets so they can be stuck to metal surfaces. Then they’re placed in public spaces for everyone to enjoy.

The back of each bug reads “MOVE ME OR TAKE ME”. Anyone who finds a bug is encouraged to move it, take it, remix it, or whatever they want with it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I find a bug, what should I do with it?

Whatever you want. Really. The main two options are 1) Move it somewhere else (on public property please) or 2) Take it. Then you can keep it, re-paint it, give it away, or whatever you want. Once a bug is placed in public it belongs to whoever finds it.

“Where should I move the bug to?
Anywhere public. Please keep the bugs on public property unless you have permission to place it on private property. Each bug has magnets built into the back so they will stick to most metal surfaces like stop signs, light poles, etc. Please just be respectful of other’s property when placing the bugs.

“What’s the point?”
Fun. That’s it.

Where did the design come from?
The design was first seen in Highland Park 15 years ago spray painted around the neighborhood. I tried to figure out the artist that whole time but never had any luck. Then recently I was connected with Stitch Pugliese. He was an HP resident years ago who did the original paintings. The design was created for his tattoo by his friend Dolly (slightly NSFW link). He later created a stencil and spray painted the design around HP and other areas.

How are the bugs made?
I took the original graffiti design and 3D modeled it using Blender. Each bug is then 3D printed using a Creality Ender 3. (This is a great, affordable 3D printer if you’re interested). There are small magnets inside, on the back. Each bug is also engraved with some version of the phrase “Move me Or Take me.” They’re sometimes painted (if needed) and placed in the wild.

Where can the bugs be found?
The bugs originally started in the Highland Park neighborhood of Pflugerville, TX (just outside of Austin, TX). However, they’ve now been place in spots all over the country, even internationally!

How many are out there?
Over a thousand? I’m not sure the exact amount at this point.

I love this idea. Can I make my own?
I’m so glad you’re inspired by this project. You can contribute however you like, you don’t need my permission. You’re welcome to make your own bugs or something completely different. I’d love to see your ideas out in the world. Is that a painting? A sculpture? A digital world you create and share? I don’t know but I’m excited to see what you come up with.

Can I order a bug from you?
I guess? That’s not really the point but if you REALLY want your own bug and can’t find one in the wild contact me here, on Twitter, or Instagram and we might be able to work something out.

I don’t like these bugs.
Well, that’s not really a question but that’s OK. If for some reason you don’t see the fun in this project, I think that’s sad for you, but it’s fine. Feel free to ignore them or even throw them away. But, afterwards, maybe spend a little time reflecting on why some cute little bugs make you so upset?

Who are you?
Just a friendly neighbor trying to make your day a little better.